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Adán Carriaga Leader in Recovery Award

Albuquerque Celebrates Recovery (ACR) was inspired by Adán Carriaga. Adán was a man with a mission and his mission was to ensure that everyone seeking recovery had love and support when they decide to get help. Sadly, Adán passed away in May 2021 so we are carrying on his mission to celebrate the millions of people in recovery. Every year, we award a person with the Adán Carriaga Leader in Recovery Award.

2022 Nominations are now closed. The 2022 Leader in Recovery Award will be announced at the Celebrate Recovery event on September 29th! 

We are excited to announce the selection of this year's Santero who designed and created the second annual Adán Carriaga Award -  Joseph Ascensión López!

Joseph Ascensión López has been a Santero most of his life, having started carving at the age of 7. Over the years he has focused on sculptures and painting, learning new techniques abroad and at home here in New Mexico. Congratulations Joseph! We are excited to continue this tradition in memory of Adán Carriaga - Santero and community advocate. We look forward to recognizing and awarding the Retablo award to the Recovery Honoree on September 29th, 2022!

Adán Carriaga Award: More Info
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